Sunday, April 08, 2012


It has been such a wonderful weekend.  James and I both feel like the best weekend we've had since Charlotte came home from the hospital in December.  Things are so much easier now and we really loved celebrating Easter with our sweet kids.  On Friday night we started our weekend with a night out at a wine bar.  It was nice to see James after he got home from work travel on Thursday.  On Saturday we got up early and went to an Easter egg hunt (it literally lasted 30 seconds) and to ride the Bunny Train at the CO train museum.  Anderson loved it and loved the Easter Bunny.  He thoroughly enjoyed the candy in his eggs.  Boy does he have a sweet tooth.  We don't have sweets often but when we do he begs and begs for them.  Saturday night we enjoyed some BBQ and relaxed.  On Sunday we went to church, played outside, and went to our friends' house for Easter dinner.  In between all the fun, we also found time for cleaning, working in the yard, runs, and bike rides.  With two kids, we have found that you almost have to utilize every spare minute to accomplish things around the house and stay in shape. I keep seeing fun Pinterest items that people have made and now I need to find time to make some fun things. That's next on my list.

I'm going to squeeze in a few pics from our spring break trip to Houston too..

Yay, an airplane. Anderson got his own seat!
San Antonio

Train ride in the park.
Our flower child.

Charlotte rode in the Moby quite a bit on our trip.

Train ride.

Best buds.

So sweet!

Enjoying the play house in the backyard of the rental home.

So happy all the time!

Silly bunny.

Anderson had to give the Easter bunny a hug.

Ready to ride the Bunny train.

The caboose.

Getting ready to color eggs.

Sweet bunny!

Of course we had to dye some of the eggs yellow (Anderson's favorite color)

The 30 second hunt.

Yummy candy.

What just happened?

The Easter Bunny brought Anderson "Woody"

He also got some sunglasses.

Our sweeties.
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Tammy said...

Sounds like a perfect Easter!

I can't beleive how big Anderson and Charlotte are getting. The two of them are so sweet. :-)

Kelli said...

Those last 2 pics are so sweet! Charlotte and Anderson are getting so big. Glad you had a great Easter and a nice spring break trip!

Alice said...

Love the pic of Charlotte on daddy's lap near the end. So you went to San Antonio huh?? :P We still own a home there we are renting out. Would have been fun to meet you guys! If you ever come to so-Cal, let me know ;) Like if u go to Disneyland or something.

Alice said...

Melissa if u are on FB, look me up. I'm private but u could find me off Tammy's friend's list probably.