Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Rest of Our Trip

We had a great time the next few days in California after Disney. We stayed in the L.A. area and went to the beaches. We enjoyed the beaches but didn't enjoy driving in L.A. Anywhere we went it seemed to take at least an hour (even to go 15 miles). The freeways were always stop and go and there were so many people anywhere. It made us appreciate CO so much more! We met a lady on the plane on our way home who said she has just learned not to leave her house during certain times of the day. Yuck!
Anderson really enjoyed the beaches, walking on the piers, and people watching. It was great people watching!
He LOVED the sand!
The water was cold!
Beautiful Laguna Beach.

Like I said, he LOVED the sand!
Of course we found a playground on the beach.


Anderson loves riding on daddy's shoulders.


One of the many piers.

Anderson saw the Merry Go Round and had to
ride it.

Fire hydrants are fun.

Beautiful Redondo beach.


Kelli said...

Looks like such a fun time! I took AIden to Disney when he was just a couple of months younger than Anderson is now. He did enjoy it but we will wait another year to do it again. The beaches look great- glad Anderson enjoyed the sand!

Julie and Dean said...

Amazing pictures! Love the new blog header. Anderson looks like he was having the time of his life in all the pictures :)
We're in the process of planning a Disney trip now. FUN!

TurboSeth said...

Hey! If you guys went to Redondo Beach, you pretty much saw where I grew up!

Ray, Tammy, Josiah and Quentin said...

What a fun trip. Great pictures too.
I can't wait to take J and Q there someday.