Monday, March 21, 2011

18 Months Already

We've been in California but before I do some posts about our trip, I'll do quick 18 month post. Anderson turned 18 months on the 19th. *sniff* *sniff* It is amazing when I stop back to think about my toddler as a baby. In a way it is sad because he was such a sweet baby but things do get better and better. People always say that it goes so fast but you don't realize until it's your own baby growing up before your eyes.
Sleep has gotten better and better. Anderson sleeps 12+ hours a night and takes 2 to 3 hour naps daily. James and I were talking about how this past vacation actually felt like one because Anderson slept so well and even slept in most mornings.
Anderson continues to keep us on our toes but we love that little guy so much! He makes life so interesting and brings us so much joy. He has changed so much even since turning one year. You can tell that the wheels are always turning in his head because he seems to learn something new all the time. He uses gestures and tries to use words for what he wants and doesn't want. He is very adamant when it is something he doesn't want. For example, he will shake his head over and over if he doesn't want something on his tray during meals. Anderson's BIG personality has really developed. He laughs at himself all the time and is just plain silly. He loves music and dancing. If you ask him to dance he wills start bobbing his head. So funny! We have never really let me watch t.v. but recently he discovered the Baby Einstein dvd's in one of the baskets underneath the t.v. He will bring one over and will want to sit on our laps to watch his 10 minutes (that's about all he usually wants to watch). How can we resist his cute little face?
Anderson is a social little guy and it seems like his language is really developing. He has excellent receptive language and is constantly trying to say new words. It's funny because sometimes a word will just come out of the blue and then we won't hear it again. He can identify almost anything in his books and even colors, so hopefully he will start saying more words regularly.
That's about it. Here are a few pics of our busy little man. I'll get caught up in posts soon.
Enjoying some time at the park.
Outside fun.
Pointing to a no no.
Humm.. what did I find in the cabinet?
Ha ha, you caught me mommy!


The Hines Family said...

LOVE his face in that last picture! Happy 1.5 years, Anderson!! :-)

Kelli said...

Wow- it's hard to believe he's well on his way to two! Such a happy, handsome boy!