Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Fun

We had a wonderful time at my Aunt Cathy's house visiting with our entire extended family. Anderson traveled so well and didn't cry once while waiting for the planes or even on the planes. What a great little guy! He was overstimulated a lot of the time because there were so many people and dogs around the house. He met his Great Grandpa for the first time and had fun getting attention from everyone. We feel so blessed this year and Christmas was such a special time.

Anderson enjoyed the pink Bumbo!

The Christmas Eve service wore the babies out!

Anderson meeting his Great Grandpa and Great
Aunt Tammy.

Anderson and his Grandma.

The babies looking excited about their stockings (ha)!

Anderson opening his first gift.

Look at all of those presents!
James got a slinket and to fill the box a Woman's Day.

Great Grandpa got some flashy glasses (we will
have to post a video of him dancing with them on)

Anderson got out of his new swaddle blanket.
Daddy carried Anderson in the Bijorn. This was after
about 6 hours of traveling/waiting because of delays.


Kelli said...

Looks like a wondeful Christmas with lots of family! So fun! Anderson looks so big sitting in the bumbo.

The Hines Family said...

So fun! Glad Anderson was such a good little traveler! Love all of the pictures! :-)

Dave and Teresa said...

I'm finally starting to catch up on my blog reading, and I love all of the pictures and videos of Anderson (and you and James, too, of course). He is such a sweet, happy little guy, and I know that this was a very special Christmas for you all. Have a very Happy New Year!

Julie and Dean said...

OH SO SWEET! All the pictures are my favorite. Every post I keep thinking how big Anderson is getting. He is growing so fast!
Happy New Year!