Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

My test went okay yesterday and really wasn't as bad as I initially thought. I will find out the results tomorrow.

*** doctor just called and said I'm negative for gestational diabetes! Yay! She did say that one out of the four was just a bit high so I may have to repeat the screening in 4 to 6 weeks. I feel so relieved!

Today Molly and I had an adventurous day. We set out on an hour long walk this morning because it was beautiful and cool. I brought my cell phone but didn't bring my keys because I thought I would go in through the garage. Towards the end of my walk a friend called and after talking to her for a few minutes my cell phone battery died. I got home, opened the garage door, and couldn't get in the house because the actual door to the house was locked. So, my cell phone was dead and I had no way to get in the house. Before going to our new neighbors' houses and begging to use the phone to call James's cell phone (which would be long distance), I decided to try to demolish the doorknob on the door leading to the house. After all, I had numerous tools at my disposal. I also knew that James had bought new locks for the house and he would replace it anyway. That didn't work. Molly and I decided to walk to my friend Kathleen's house, which is about another 10 minute walk. She wasn't there. We headed back to the house and hung out in the back yard for a little while. I was starving and tired from the long hour long walk. Neither of our immediate neighbors were home. The people across the street were home but I'm not sure if they know english. After about an hour I left Molly on our deck and waddled (truly) to my friend Kathleen's house again, hoping that she would be home this time. She was. We drove back to my house and rescued Molly. I was able to call James to tell him what happened as he was trying to submit some major plans. He was able to take off work early and finally come and get me.

Lesson learned...Always have a spare key handy. I'm going to blame this all on being 29 weeks pregnant.


Laurie said...

Praying for good results on your 3 hour glucose test. What a day you had...oh, and pregnancy brain never really goes away;) Er, at least it hasn't yet for me! Hopefully I'm an anomaly, but I got locked in the boys' bedroom a few nights ago and had to wait until Travis came home to knock and bang around up there so he'd come rescue me (the boys were sleeping behind me while I tried to "quietly pound" on the door. Don't even ask...just trust me that I still have pregnancy brain!

Oliver said...

Your post made me smile! This won't be the last thing you do like this!! :) Your belly looks cute!

The Hines Family said...

Hope you get good results back from your sugar test.

Don't feel bad about locking yourself out of the house. I forgot to pay the power bill and this morning woke up to no power. (I wrote the whole story on my blog.) Yup--let's blame it on pregnancy brain! :-)

Ray and Tammy said...

I do stuff like that all the time. Yesterday when I was walking the boys in the stroller, I stopped at a stop sign in a not so busy neighborhood. I looked both ways and then proceeded to go. Right afterwards I thought "What am I doing? I'm not a car?? Duh."

Julie and Dean said...

Too funny! That is something that would happen to me. Actually it did and I had to sneak in through the window. I was sure the neighbors were going to call the police. BUT it was way too easy to get in so now we have a centralized alarm system!!
Glad you were rescued. Just think, being locked out and handing out in the yard is still better than being at work ;)

Dave and Teresa said...

Great news about your test results!

I think it's definitely fair to blame it on the pregnancy.

Gwynneth said...

also, bring snacks where ever you go! it is important both of you don't go hungry :( ok, bringing snacks wherever you go is a bit much, but i know i would do it.

Kelli said...

I have no experience wth pregnancy brain, but if it's like mommy brain you will never get rid of it!