Thursday, July 09, 2009

28 weeks and then some...

We have been preparing for our baby boy. We painted his room but haven't totally finished it yet. I had my 28 week appointment on Tuesday and I commented to my doctor about how relatively easy things have been. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. I had to have my blood taken after drinking a glucose drink for the 28 week gestational diabetes screening. I for sure thought I would pass the test considering the fact that I walk every day, eat healthy (for the most part), and feel good. My doctor called and told me I didn't pass and now I have to take the dreaded three hour test. I have to follow a special diet on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Then I have to fast Monday evening and go in on Tuesday morning. I will have a blood draw, then drink more of the same stuff, and then have three more blood draws. That means I will be at the doctor's office for three + hours. Yuck!! I did go online and read that many women take the first test and don't pass but then they pass the three hour. For the original one hour glucose screening I read that some doctors have their patients fast and some don't. I didn't fast and now am thinking about everything I had to eat and wonder if it had something to do with it. Please think happy thoughts for me and I should know something next week. Here are some pics so the post doesn't sound too depressing.
28 weeks plus a few days
Before James painted the nursery

Molly is waiting patiently for Baby C.

We played a name game with her and she
helped us choose his name..
She chose the same name four out of five times! (And then ate the paper)


M and H said...

The rug for the nursery is super cute! I'll pray about your test coming up and all the prep you have to do for it!

Dave and Teresa said...

It sounds like everything is coming together with the nursery. :-)

I'm sorry that you have to go in for that long and painful test. I will be sending some extra good thoughts your way.

Kelli said...

Can't wait to see the finished nursery. I am sure Molly chose a great name!

Sandy said...

Melissa, you don't really know me, but I worked with James on the I-64 project. I just wanted to let you know to not stress about the glucose test. The same thing happened to me. I didn't fast and ate breakfast before I took the test and failed. I couldn't understand why, because like you I was exercising and watching what I ate. I passed the three hour test with no problem (although I'm not going to lie, it was pretty miserable). So don't worry about it, I think it happens more often than the doctors let on!

Ray and Tammy said...

Good luck with the testing. Hope all goes well.
LOVE the picts of Molly and I can't wait to see what name she helped pick out! :-)

Julie and Dean said...

HAH! Doggie knows best :)
Good luck on your test. I will definitely be thinking happy thoughts.

abc123vn said...

You look so beautiful! And the rug is adorable! Cannot wait to see it finished!

Susan said...

I had the 1st test with my first child and failed it too. Doc said I didn't have to fast. Before the test, I went to Jason's Deli and had a big ole baked potato. Went to the test and failed it! I late did the 3 hour test. I was bored out of my mind waiting, but I passed it with flying colors. (I didn't eat anything that morning beforehand)

With my 2nd child I didn't eat that morning and passed on the 1st try.

If they have uncomfortable chairs bring your own! That's what I did. HTH!

Tori said...

I hope all goes well with the three hour test today Melissa! Hope you guys are doing well!