Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Why was he so sleepy yesterday??????
I think he was quite busy while we were at work.

Tucker has separation anxiety. As soon as you stick him in his crate he starts shaking and goes crazy. He gets very destructive as you can see. He actually moved his crate near the black book shelf. He then grabbed our hiking journal and tore it to shreds. Also, notice the bite out of our red photo album. James thought it was quite impressive. We were both so angry that we couldn't even look at him. We did finally come around and got over it. We had to tell ourselves, "He is just a puppy." We do want our house back though. James is in Salt Lake City so I have to rush home to get to the dogs and I have so much to do at school! Next Tuesday can't come soon enough.

We finally did laugh about the incident and got in much better moods when the election was called. What a historic moment! Obviously the dogs were excited too....

I have made some bad choices lately. I will probably not volunteer to watch a puppy with problems for two weeks and I won't ever do what I did tonight! James and I joined 24 hour fitness because it is getting colder outside, not to mention the fact that it is dark at 5:00. So, I decided to go to Turbo Kick. Bad idea! I was embarrassed because I had no rhythm and everyone else seemed to know exactly what they were doing. It was not a good feeling. If the instructor had given a little instruction it would have helped but she just kept calling routines that people already knew. I tried to go along with it but wow, I couldn't keep up at all. I am going to have a glass of wine and call it a night.


Laura said...

OH MY GOSH! I know this isn't your dog, but MY crazy dog does this stuff. After your doxie died a year ago, she went nuts. She's always had separation anxiety, but was okay because she and our doxie were always together. Once the doxie was gone, Gidget lost her mind! My friend watched her for a week a while ago and she managed to get ruin $300 of wood blinds though the crate in two hours. Sorry - this post gave me PTSD! She's still crazy, but I love her. :)

Sorry about the class. I joined for Mountainside Fitness (like six months ago) and it's finally going to open in two weeks. It's less than a mile from our house, they have childcare, tons of fun classes....and I'm going to embarrass the he*l out of myself! You're in good company.

Laura said...

That should say "our doxie" not YOUR doxie!" And it sounds like the doxie went nuts after she died. I mean our other dog. I need to learn to read my comments before posting them, huh? Or stop drinking. Either one. He he - kidding!

Ray and Tammy said...

That's crazy!
When Mattie was a pup (our dog that died last April) Ray came home from work to find the entire house torn up! We put the dogs in the garage when we went to work and Mattie opened the door and got in the house. She tore up every pillow in the house, she chewed several shoes. She tore up my childhood teddy bear. (Into a million pieces! There was no fixing him.) Then the cat heard Ray's voice and she popped up from behind the bed with a look on her face as if to say "Thank goodness you're home! Look at what these two did!"
Your story reminds me of that incident. Mattie was an Australian Shepard mix.
Too funny! I wasn't too happy about it then, but I can laugh about it now.