Sunday, November 02, 2008

Always Ready for the Weekends!

The work weeks have been so busy for us lately. James has started traveling to Salt Lake City for meetings and I have had several after school activities. The weekends have been even more precious! Plus... we have a new little one...

Okay, just for a few weeks. We are puppy sitting for a mini Australian Shepard while his parents get married back back on the East Coast. Wow, now we realize we have dogs. Molly is such an easy dog that sometimes we don't even realize we even have a dog. Tucker, the puppy, has been a bit more than we can handle. James can now say, "I told you so", because I did say that I wanted a Tucker. Boy was I wrong! The hardest thing about it all is that he has separation anxiety and goes crazy when we put him in his crate before we leave the house. He is a smart little guy and did figure out how to unlatch the bottom lock and squeeze through to freedom (twice!). Only one more week, only one more week. His only saving grace is that he is adorable. That's it! I won't ever say I want two dogs again!!

We are eagerly anticipating Tuesday. I am ready to not see another political ad for three years. Depending on the outcome, we will stay in CO or maybe James might try to get a job in another country. Just kidding!

Here are some pictures from the rally last weekend. It was truly amazing to see so many people waiting in line. Of course you always see some interesting things/people at these kinds of events.

So many people! We loved the horse and he only had one eye.

Is that a Chipmunk for Change?

Have a great week. We hope things slow down soon. We are counting down the weeks until our Vegas trip. I am hoping to have some time to research adoption stuff soon.


Jen said...

Chipmunks for Change!

The Hines Family said...

Tucker is cute! It's amazing how much harder one dog is than two!