Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lance in Leadville

James and I decided to drive up to Leadville to see Lance Armstrong ride in the Leadville 100. A grueling 100 mile mountain bike race in which we hear the goal is to finish in under 9 hours. As you may or may not have heard this was his first race since 2005. The Leadville hometown hero held off the world famous challenger to win his 6th straight Leadville 100. We heard someone in the crowd say he is 42 years old. Simply amazing!
Hometown winner Dave Wiens.

The one and only finishes second!

It was quite some time before anyone else made their way to the finish line. After watching the press swarm for a bit, we explored Leadville on foot (with Molly in tow). We stumbled across a cute little pizza place. We were NOT disappointed. They were very friendly and provided a most delectable pizza consumption experience. (They get 2 thumbs up and four paws up for letting us sit outside with Molly) Yes, Molly liked the pizza too.
On the way back to the car, we saw a small crowd hanging out on the sidewalk. Upon further inspection, we noticed they were all waiting in front of the "Ugly Cookie" which had a sign that read, "Sold Out of Cookies - will reopen at 2:40) With a loyal fan base like that, we had to give it a try. Mmmmmmmmm.... Can the Leadville culinary experience get any better? We'll have to make another trip to find out. We headed out shortly after the cookies.

I was really impressed by all the mountain bikers. One guy collapsed after he finished and had to have 2 guys help him to the first aid station as he literally couldn't walk. I told James he needs to try to ride it next year. He responded, "You'd have to let me buy a sweet mountain bike first!" We'll see...

Here are some other pictures from the day. Happy weekend to everyone!


Julie and Dean said...

ok first, you just made me laugh so hard on my blog. I can't believe you know that line word for word - too funny. I barely remember the scene.
Second, FUN! Your day sounds like it was a blast. Colorado seems awesome.
Third, Love Molly. You need to put more pictures of her on your blog.

Kelli said...

I agree with Julie- we need more pictures of sweet Molly!

Morgan's Mom said...

Yay Colorado! And Molly :)
Have a great school year!!

Tori said...

I'm loving the pictures Melissa! It's good to you see you two and Molly! Looks like you had a good visit with Joe! Looking forward to seeing you guys in October.