Monday, January 16, 2012

Two Kids = Too Little Time

Things we've learned the last month:

1) Having two kids is more than double the work
2) No matter how much attention you give either of the kids, they always want more
3) Sleep is nothing but a long lost friend that we miss very much
4) Getting out of the house is an event
5) Babies love to be held and are super snuggly
6) Toddlers (especially ours) have a hard time being gentle
7) The house will never be clean
8) Car rides are like magic for getting babies to sleep
9) Nap time (the hour that both kids are sleeping) is amazing
10) Take out is our new preferred cooking technique


Alice said...

It WILL get easier!!! ;) I have 3 as you know, and honestly the hardest one is my OLDEST- because it's just his personality... the baby is a cinch compared to him ;) she's 14mon. old now and into everything too :P

but every parent, can SO relate to how you guys feel right now!!! hand in there! ;) i never left my house for like the 1st year LOL!!!

Tammy said...

Your new little one is so sweet!

Alice is right. It does get better. All but the traveling thing. For us, that actually got worse.
You'll find a routine and it will all fall into place. :-)

Kelli said...

But look at all that sweetness! Charlotte looks so much like Anderson and they are both cuties! Hope things get easier as they get older- I'm sure they will. You are great parents!

Oliver said...

I haven't read your blog for the last few months-- I love this post though! I have a feeling I will be feeling similarly come June 3!! I'm glad things have gotten easier since you wrote this post. It seems like you don't get as much down time with #2 as you do with #1. :)