Friday, May 13, 2011

This and That

It seems like we've been really busy but I guess it's a lot of little things compounded to make it seem like we've had no time. Last weekend we went to have dinner with our friends Melanie, Matt, and Madison. We had a great time. We were just about to leave their house when Anderson took a nose dive on the concrete. Poor guy! I sure wish we could put him in a bubble for the next 20 years.
Mother's Day was fantastic! The weather was just gorgeous so we went on a bike ride to the park. Anderson and James got me a gift certificate to a photography workshop. I'm so excited to use it soon! James bought me a really nice camera a few years ago and I will finally learn how to use it. I feel so lucky to have such a great husband and son.
This weekend is going to be spent working on the house. We ordered new vanities, mirrors, and James is getting tile tonight. He will tile the floor this weekend and then in a few weeks he is going to tile the shower and around the bathtub. I can't wait for a new bathroom!
That's about it for us. We enjoyed two days of rain here in Denver and got our month's total of rain. Everyone here loves when it rains because it hardly ever does. Now we can enjoy a sunny, mild weekend.
Anderson's first ice cream cone. He had a lick
but then didn't really care about it.
Anderson and Madison before his fall.
Ready to go!
Loving his gifts from our recycling collector.
Fun, fun, fun!
Love this smile!
Playing with Molly.
Tug of War


Ray, Tammy, Josiah and Quentin said...

Anderson is getting so big! Every time I go to your blog, he looks so much bigger to me. He does look like a little ham in the pictures. And a handsome little guy too. :-)

I have serious weather envy. We get one or two non- rainy days here. Not sunny...just not rainy. It's always cloudy and grey and hasn't broken above 68 yet this year. This has been the longest winter.

Julie and Dean said...

What a tough little toddler.
So glad you enjoyed your Mother's day!
Maybe you should try the soy ice cream :) Let me know what Anderson thinks.

Kelli said...

Glad you had a great Mother's day! I hear you on the bubble thing. I keep wondering when Aiden will get his first stitches. I'm pretty sure it's only a matter of time!