Monday, November 08, 2010

Fast Weekend

We had a whirlwind of a weekend in St. Louis. We went to our friends Tori and T.J's wedding and had a great time! We also found time during the short weekend to visit three different friends and their babies that we haven't seen. It was a fast weekend but a good one. Anderson is such a great little traveler. We just love that cute little guy!
Chillin on the chair in the hotel room.
Us and the beautiful bride Tori.
Molly has a new best friend. Anderson takes a
bite and then shares with Molly. We have an adorable
video that we'll post when we get some time to download it.


The Hines Family said...

It's so great that Anderson is such a good traveler. Molly is a really good traveler, but Rayna....ummm....not so much! :-)

Love the adorable pictures!

TJ said...

Anderson looks so grown up in that first pic!! What a handsome guy.

Kelli said...

Anderson does look grown up in the first picture! Glad he is a good traveler!

Julie and Dean said...

That first picture of Anderson is so great. He looks all grown up already. How does that happen???