Thursday, October 07, 2010

Fall Fun

The weather this spring, summer, and fall has just been gorgeous in CO. We absolutely love it here and couldn't imagine living anywhere else! We took advantage of a beautiful 70 degree sunny, fall day and went to a local pumpkin farm called Anderson Farms. We all had so much fun and can't wait to do more fun fall activities!

Anderson tried to pull the goat's hair.

Yay, a pumpkin.
I just love this picture!
Mommy and Anderson
October 2009
October 2010


Kelli said...

I can't believe how much Anderson has grown. So cute! I really need to get Aiden to the pumpkin patch!

The Hines Family said...

Look how much he's grown! I remember that picture last year--so cute!! :-)

Julie and Dean said...

WOW did Anderson grow in 1 year!! SO cute on the pumpkins. Love his smile.
We went to the pumpkin farm today and it was about 85 degrees out. Just doesn't feel the same when it is SO hot.

Ray, Tammy, Josiah and Quentin said...

How fitting that it was called Anderson Farms!
I love fall with all these fun activities.Sounds like your weather is about the same as ours. It's been so nice lately.