Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time is Flying By!

Wow, where is the summer going? We've been very busy since we returned from our vacation. Anderson and I have gone somewhere everyday, which is really making the time seem to go faster. This past week we went to the zoo, tried out a class at Gymboree, went to the park, went shopping, etc. Oh yeah, we also had company the day after we got back from our trip. Our little guy is definitely on the move. He's so fast and wants to get into everything. At this point it's easy to distract him but we've had to use the word NO. We need a few more baby gates and something to keep him away from the fireplace. He wants to pull the emblem off the bottom and keeps heading in that direction. James firmly said no and made him cry the other day. He seemed to remember that but then the next day he was right back at it. Phew..He's so much fun but I'm a tired momma!
This weekend our friends Jarrett, Nicole, and their kids are going to visit on their way to Estes Park for vacation. Hopefully James will be up for hiking with them tomorrow. Today James is doing a 120 mile bike ride called the Triple Bypass up in the mountains. The elevation gain is over 10,000 feet. He's crazy! Actually, there are 3,500 crazy people doing it today. It is such a poplular ride that the registration was closed after 30 minutes and James didn't get in. He eventually was able to find a registration on Craig's List because someone couldn't do it. Hopefully he's doing okay! He did text me awhile ago and after 60 miles it was raining, 40 degrees, and had just stopped hailing. Yikes! I'll write an update once he finishes!
Our sweet, big boy!
He loves to cruise the couch and talk.
Wow, he made it to his bouncer.
Then to his carseat and the stinker got his pacifier.
He only gets it in his crib or when he's in his carseat.

Look how tired he looks after Gymboree.


Kelli said...

So cute! We love gymboree days- can always count on a great nap!

The Hines Family said...

He's so cute! We've had to start telling Rayna "No" too, although half the time she laughs at us! They are so fun at this age! :-)

Julie and Dean said...

You really have been up to a lot.
All good things! I love the high chair shot of Anderson.

Ray, Tammy, Josiah and Quentin said...

I can't believe how big Anderson is getting. He is too cute!
Quentin flat out ignores "no" no matter how we say it. Sigh.

That bike ride sounds like one crazy ride. Good Luck James!