Friday, June 04, 2010

We Love Summer Vacation!

Anderson and I are just loving our summer so far. It's so nice to have some leisurely time without feeling like I have to work all the time to get caught up! We wake up a little later, enjoy some time on the deck in the mornings, and play all day! This week we went to the zoo with some friends and their babies. We also went shopping and had lunch with James downtown. We are really looking forward to our busy summer full of traveling, biking/running events, and having visitors. We are also going to visit our families and friends in July. It seems like we seem to book our summer up every year and then it goes even faster. I guess that's the way we like it.
Anderson is keeping us busy and is on the move. We have some videos we'll have to post later. He is crawling bits at a time but we're sure that in the next few days we'll be chasing him.

Anderson and his friends.

He seems to always be in the crawling position now.

Silly grin.
Silly boy.

Look out!



The Hines Family said...

Oh, I'm jealous! Our last day isn't until next Tuesday!

Anderson is getting so big!! Cute boy!

Julie and Dean said...

Such a great time to bond! Love the stroller photo, made me chuckle. Anderson is so handsome, such a cute little guy :)

Kelli said...

Ah, this first week off has been great. Next week if my first full week off. So happy! Glad you are having fun with Anderson.

I should know that exact dates I will be in Denver soon. I will send you a message when I know for sure!