Monday, April 13, 2009

Vacations go too fast!

We had such a great time in San Diego a few weeks ago. We finally got to downloading the pictures the other day and it made us want to go back. We are never ready for vacations to be over, especially when we have to go back to work.
View from the seafood restaurant.
James always had to have an extra drink for me!
One of the few pics of us on the trip. I was feeling
One of the adorable but lazy pandas at the zoo.
We rented this fun bicycle on Coronado Island.

We drove to La Jolla and then on the Pacific
Coastal Highway. It was gorgeous!
A seal and her pup. We could have watched them
all day from above.

More seals. They are so cute when they try to move.


Ray and Tammy said...

Wow!! Your vacation looks amazing! You did NOT look frumpy at all!! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Tori said...

I'm going to have to second Tammy, you don't look frumpy! You look great! Your pictures are making me think that I need to force TJ to take vacation!

Julie and Dean said...

Beautiful! I have always heard I would love San Diego and from the pictures I think I really would.
You both look so good and so happy!!! love it!

The Hines Family said...

Don't vacations always go way too fast? But it looks like you guys had lots of fun! :-)

Laura said...

We lived in Coronado for three years and loved it. And, as luck (or un-luck, because the timing is bad) would have it, we're moving back within a few months. come visit us!!!