Monday, March 30, 2009


We arrived home yesterday, definitely a bit later than anticipated. We had an early flight out (6:30 a.m.). The day was hectic from the beginning. We got a taxi at like 5:00 a.m. and boy did he have a lead foot. I think we made it to the San Diego airport in about 9 minutes from our hotel. When we got to the airport we realized that we had left our backpack in the room. We told the taxi driver we needed to head back. We got the backpack and made it back to the airport in record time. The ride actually made me car sick. Then we had a layover in Salt Lake City and got stuck in the snow for a few hours. After we left the airport in Denver we stopped to pick up Molly. She seemed to be in good spirits until she puked 3 times in the car after leaving the daycare parking lot. Then James and I got sick to our stomachs. Luckily I had one extra day off today and have been sleeping on and off. James felt good enough to go to work but he did have to leave work to come take Molly to the vet because there is no way I could have driven her. We did have a wonderful time in Cali for spring beak but I'm sad that I can't ultilize my last day off to unpack, laundry, etc. Oh well. We had such a great time and will post pictures soon. Hopefully I feel good enough to be with 2nd graders tomorrow.

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The Hines Family said...

Being sick while traveling is NO fun! I hope you feel better very soon! Hopefully you're kids will go easy on you tomorrow! :-)