Wednesday, January 14, 2009

City or Suburbs??

We are renting a tiny house in a nice area in the city of Denver. The one problem with it is it is tiny. We are constantly bumping into things and a majority of our things are in boxes in our one car storage facility. We have been house hunting and just can't decide where we want to live. Many people want to live in the city of Denver because it is convenient and there are many nice areas. The problem is that people are scraping homes and building million dollar houses in many areas. We can't afford one of the bigger million + dollar homes and let me tell you that the market is saturated with them. Every street you drive on in the city there are enormous brand new homes for sell.

We love the convenience of living in the city and it is close to James's work. He just walks down the street to get on the bus and it is only about a 15 to 20 minute bus ride. We also have kind of established ourselves in the area, meaning we have new doctors, favorite restaurants, and stores. The city is nice but not as good for James to go biking. Also, the Denver public schools are okay but you have to really do research to make sure the neighborhood school is good.

The idea of living in the suburbs is appealing. It is less expensive and we would be able to get a larger house with a view of the mountains. There are many great school districts in the suburbs. The only problem is that it wouldn't be close to James's work. I have the tough commute this year because I am commuting to the suburbs and traffic is not fun. It usually takes me 30-40 minutes in the morning and 40-60 in the afternoon (on a good day). The traffic around Denver is icky and when it snows it is miserable. I had a horrible drive the other day but James's ride on the bus didn't really take any longer. I am hoping to stay at home for a few years when we have kids so I'm not really concerned with my drive. I don't want James to have to commute very far. Most of the suburbs we are looking into are around 20 miles away from downtown Denver and it may be more difficult for James to ride the bus. Then he would get stuck in traffic and come home exhausted.

Anyone have any insights? We do love the city but the suburbs would be nice too. It's hard to decide between an older, smaller home with character or a larger, newer home in the suburbs.


Susan said...

Is there a park and ride there? Where I live you can live in the suberbs and take the bus to downtown. Other places have trains, etc. I would not want to live in the city. I like parks for kids, etc. Also, you are looking at 5 years from now when your kids will start going to school. Areas change a lot- especially the areas without deed restrictions. I'm not sure a school you pick out today will have the same stats now as it will in 5 years. As a teacher, are you permitted to choose whichever school you want your children to go to within your district? They can do that here.

Kristin said...

From someone who lives in the 'burbs, I would definitely vote for the CITY. We really enjoy the 'burbs, but I can not tell you how often we've wanted to do something fun in Austin, but didn't want to deal with the 30 min drive there. There's WAY more stuff to do in the city, and if we could afford it, we'd live there. If you and James can afford to live in the city, I would say go for it! You can always live in the city now, and if down the road you need more space for you children, you can move. I vote CITY!!!

Ray and Tammy said...

We live in the suburbs because we like it there with more "country" and our family lives nearby. Everywhere we go is 30-60 minutes away. Most of the time you just plan for the commute and it's not too bad. However, there were times I got off work and just wanted to be home NOW and still had a grueling drive ahead of me. But once I was home....I was in a different world away from all things associated with work.
I guess it just depends on what you value more....that extra commute time to be in a whole different surrounding, or that extra time saved because you would have been commuting. Some LOVE he city life and thrive in in. I am a country girl at I always took the commute.
Good luck deciding. Either way you decide, it will be a great adventure.

hopingforgirl said...

I like the burbs ;)