Thursday, November 13, 2008


Thanks for all of the comments!! I had lost track of a few blogs and am so happy to be reading them again. It is also nice to know who is still reading. To everyone back in STL, we miss you guys!!

Tucker the not so terrible (trying to be nice) is gone!! His owners were very appreciative and we didn't want to hurt their feelings by talking about how he drove us crazy. We did show them the remnants of our hiking journal and photo album. They are taking us out for dinner tomorrow night and brought us a nice bottle of champagne. We are going to celebrate the fact that our house no longer smells like dogs, we don't have to give all of our attention to Tucker, and we don't have to leave the house feeling guilty. That was the worst part about it--putting him in his crate and hearing him cry outside. One day I could hear him as I backed out of the driveway. It sounded like somebody was torturing him. I think Molly is glad she can sleep during the day again.

Humm.. maybe all of it was a little preparation for a baby?? It definitely confirmed that I am not sure how I would teach elementary school full time and have a baby. People do it and maybe it won't be as bad next year since I would know the curriculum, etc. but I am just drained each day. It must get easier, right??

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Susan said...

I don't think I could have a baby and teach. I think it depends on the person though.